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Eleanor Rose

Eleanor joined our household in November 2017. We adopted her from Surry Animal Rescue in Mount Airy, NC. The shelter volunteers had done an unbelievable job of getting Eleanor healthy, as she was malnourished, plagued with skin issues, and covered in sores. When we met her, she was still thin, but looked so much healthier than she had in the photos we'd seen on her adoption page (warning- images are graphic).

     Every day with Eleanor is a joy. She is easily one of the sweetest and happiest dogs we've ever known. She's also smart; we'd been told that she didn't care for noises from appliances such as vacuums and hairdryers, but we're slowly teaching her that she's got nothing to worry about, and she's a good student.

     We were excited to find out, via a mail-in DNA test, that she is 75 percent English bulldog, and 25 percent American bulldog—two of our favorite breeds!

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