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About Our Store

We've been here in Black Mountain for ten years. Although we began
as a tropical fish store, we quickly realized that the real need for the community is a place that sells quality food and other supplies for
the growing number of household pets. Today, we carry the best
food and all of the things you need to take care of your pet.

Our Team

Come talk to any of our friendly and knowledgeable staff!

Jeanne 2.jpg


Jeanne is an experienced beekeeper and has a rescue pit bull named Hank. She's been a huge supporter of the store since the beginning and is definitely a customer favorite.



Chip opened Blue Ridge Reef and Pet in 2007 with the hopes of offering sustainably produced tank-raised fish, corals, and plants for the ethical aquarium keeper. It quickly became evident that what the Black Mountain community needed was quality food and supplies for household pets, particularly dogs and cats. Today there are no longer fish and other living things in the store, though aquarium keeping will always be his hobby. Chip lives in Black Mountain with his fiancée, Christine; a tortoise; and their beloved dog, Eleanor.


Customer Care

Commonly known as "Hey, you're not Chip," Jason is a newcomer to the Black Mountain area but a longtime friend of pets. After a brief stint in corporate pet retail, he was driven to a more caring approach and has spent just over a decade in the veterinary field. Being a discerning consumer, his quest for food for his two girls, Minka (German shepherd mix) and Suzette (Pyrenees mix), as well as their older brother, Ichigo (domestic shorthair), led him to Blue Ridge Pet Supplies. After a time as a regular, he took on the position of Not Chip so that Not-Not Chip (commonly known as "Chip") could have the occasional day off.


Customer Care

Christine is an animal lover and enjoys her Saturdays at Blue Ridge Pet Supplies. She's excited to hear stories about your pets and if there's photos, even better!

Our Team
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